Do you ever get that moment when you need a quick card?  Haven't got time for lots of designing, cutting and making but still want something special, then our CDs are perfect.  Of course they have all the decoupage and backing papers for you to play with and manipulate, gift bags etc., but did you know they also have Print N Go cards.  These are ready to go cards and matching envelopes.

Print N Go                 Card and EnvelopeThis card and envelope were created with the Alice in Fabulous Land CD Rom using Dolly Dimples Craft Cream Paper to print on.  It's perfect for toppers, decoupage etc. and the envelope looks and feels professional with the high quality of the paper at 120gsm.   The card base is Dolly Dimples Crafts Cream Card, which is sturdy and perfect for construction and card bases. 

Print N Go - Card

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